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Keeping Airlocks Operating Safely, Efficiently in your Pneumatic Conveying and Dust Control Systems

While rotary airlocks, which operate at low speeds, aren’t overly complicated equipment, and normally require minimal maintenance, they nevertheless are very critical for the efficient operation of a pneumatic conveying system. Rotary airlocks utilize very tight machined internal clearances, which are necessary to maintain the proper pressure or vacuum differential for providing consistent feeding rates… Learn More

2022 Kice Tradeshows

  Our trade shows schedule is gearing up to hit the ground running in 2022.  We hope that the locations and dates allow for many customers and prospects to get a chance to speak with our representatives. To understand the Kice difference, meet us in person at one of these industry events. Whether it’s industrial… Learn More

Avoid These Risks of Not Having a Proper Air Control System in Place

Common Problems That You Can Avoid by Going with Kice With the number of products that require processing, separation, and conveying through plants and factories, air control systems provide us a unique solution for a multitude of goods and materials. Some of the most common products that utilize pneumatic conveying and industrial air systems include… Learn More

Pneumatic vs Mechanical Conveying

Breaking Down the Differences Between Pneumatic Systems and Mechanical Systems When companies need to move bulk material, the question always boils down to whether it’s best to use pneumatic systems (aka industrial air systems) or a mechanical conveying system. Although pneumatic conveying and mechanical conveying are both designed to do the same thing – move… Learn More

How Manufacturing Aspirators Can Help Improve Your Products Quality

Increasing Efficiency with the Power of Air Here at Kice Industries, we do business with several companies spanning several different industries. Regardless of whether they work in food, chemicals, plastics, or other commodities, most of these companies that process products all have one common problem: they need to isolate the high-quality product so that it… Learn More

Baghouse Filters or Cyclones for Dust Collection

Breaking Down Two Major Dust Control Systems Before dust can be controlled, it must be contained first. Most often, this means making sure equipment is “tight” and gasketed properly. Equipment that emits dust should have suction vent connections and/or suction hoods attached. These connect to a manifold, which then connects to a separator (cyclone and/or… Learn More

Industries that Benefit from Central Vacs

Breaking Down How Central Vacuum Systems Benefit Your Operation “What is a central vacuum system? And how does it benefit my operation?” These are just two of the many questions we get about central vacuum systems here at Kice Industries. The Kice industrial central vacuum is a centralized solution for several industries. It is a… Learn More

The Dangers of Dust Explosions in Flour Mills

Controlling Dust: Reducing Dust Emissions and Improving Dust Emissions Control to Prevent Workplace Incidents Dust explosions in the grain and milling industries usually start inside process equipment such as mills, dryers, mixers, classifiers, conveyors, and storage silos and hoppers. Dust explosions can cause catastrophic loss of life, injuries, and destruction of facilities and company assets.… Learn More

Top Design Challenges in Pneumatic Conveying Systems

The Most Common Issues Encountered When Installing Pneumatic Systems As you’re probably already aware, pneumatic conveying is the process of using compressed air or gas to transfer bulk materials such as powder, pellets, or other granular material from one point to the next. Essentially, pneumatic conveying is material handling that’s powered by air and conveyed… Learn More

New Sales Manager

posted: June 14, 2021 Jeff Kinnunen – Regional Sales Manager.   Kice announced today the appointment of Jeff Kinnunen as its Regional Sales Manager, based out of Minneapolis, MN. In this role, Kinnunen will be responsible for the oversight of sales throughout Minnesota, North and South Dakota, West Iowa, and Northwestern Wisconsin territories, providing support… Learn More

New Kice GR Filter

posted: May 11, 2021   Kice Industries announced it has introduced a new baghouse filter to its product line, the Kice GR Filter. “We are excited for this new and improved design which will result in lower energy consumption and extended filter bag life,” said Drew Kice, President and CEO, Kice Industries. “It will provide… Learn More

Kice Celebrates 75 years

Kice Industries, an industry-leading provider of pneumatic conveying, dust control, and aspiration systems, is proud to be celebrating its 75th anniversary as a company. Solutions Across Multiple Industries Kice Industries has solved material handling challenges for customers in many industries, including milling, plastics, food, wood pelleting, bio-fuels, oilseed processing, and recycling. This versatility enables Kice… Learn More

Interview: Dealing with Covid-19

This past year presented the Kice community with some unprecedented times and new ways to support employees during the Covid19 pandemic. Interview with Kice HR Director, Lori Swilley       What was it like for Kice and the HR team right when this pandemic started to emerge? What type of education, collaboration, and training… Learn More

New Sales Manager for Central Gulf Coast Region

posted: February 16, 2021 Edgar Arreaza – Technical Sales Manager.   Kice announced today the appointment of Edgar Arreaza as its Regional Sales Manager, based out of Houston, TX. In this role, Arreaza will be responsible for the oversight of sales throughout south Texas and south Louisiana territories, providing support for this customer base for… Learn More

Dehulling Systems – Soybeans

With removing hulls, an important step to take into account is the preparation of the beans and noting that several well-controlled processes are necessary for maximum reduction of fiber in the meal with minimum loss of fat to hulls.  Much has been said about this process, and many systems have been devised which accomplish the… Learn More

1985 Case Study: Kice Helps Coors Recycle Cans

The Coors Distribution center in Wichita wanted an efficient way to remove empty aluminum cans for recycling purposes from 40-foot enclosed dumpsters located around the city and bring them to their collection facilities. The cans were then removed from the truck by hand with rakes and shovels. Kice proposed the idea of pneumatically removing the… Learn More

Experience in the wood industry

Wood Industry Kice Industries has worked in the wood industry for many years. With this experience,  we have built up the expertise to offer turnkey solutions for the pelleting of wood and other biomass. Over the last several years, Kice has worked with several customers who have large inventories of dry hardwood “waste” to design… Learn More

Cyclone Installation Tip

  As the spiraling airstream inside a cyclone collector reaches the stock outlet of the collector and begins to reverse itself so as to travel up toward the air outlet, a vortex is created which extends down beyond the stock outlet. Because of this, it is important to include a length of tailpipe (or better… Learn More

Kice IoT Solution

Build Business Dynamic Models with Accurate Information and Live Data Our Kice IoT initiative provides you the ability to react and make decisions quickly. We can collect data, provide remote alerts and analytics through a web-based dashboard via a cloud-based server. With customized dashboards for each site, we can collect data on equipment through 4-20mA… Learn More

1989 Case Study: Roman Meal Milling Uses Kice for Modernization

  In 1989 Roman Meal Milling Company called Kice to supply the air handling, Multi-Aspirators, baghouse filters, fans, blowers, airlock valves, cyclones, and air stabilization units for their new mill. The project called for a new building and all new equipment built as a turn-key project. The new mill was built to increase overall capacity… Learn More

Kice Testing Lab

Test Lab Assures Quality Products Tailored to Customer’s Requirements   An essential part of any system manufacturers’ operation is the test facility. At Kice, our test facility is utilized for testing our customer’s products in proven equipment and testing new equipment and ideas. The Kice lab has a pressure system available to run pneumatic conveying… Learn More

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

3/26/2020 update: KICE IS CONSIDERED ESSENTIAL Kice Industries remains fully operational at this time. Many of the industries that we serve are deemed to be “critical infrastructure segments” by the President and the Department of Homeland Security. As such, we are taking all available precautions which may enable us to remain open. The majority of our office… Learn More

Kice Appoints New Sales Manager

posted: March 16, 2020 Sarah Lawson – Technical Sales Manager, OK/N. TX   Kice announced today the appointment of Sarah Lawson as its Technical Sales Manager, based out of Ponca City, OK. In this role, Lawson will be responsible for the oversight of sales throughout the Oklahoma and North Texas territories, providing support for this… Learn More

1984 Case Study: Filter Solution for ADM

To maintain the high degree of quality necessary for semolina flour (the foundation for pasta products), ADM’s durum mill in Minneapolis used large volumes of air. The air was filtered before discharge so efficient baghouse filters would be critical. The old filters ADM had used were mechanically cleaned using a sequence of valves and a… Learn More

Kice Appoints New Vice President of Sales

posted: February 10, 2020 Marshall Bird – Vice President, Sales   Kice announced today the appointment of Marshall Bird as Vice President of Sales. In this role, Bird will assume all sales responsibilities related to managing the growth of Kice’s extensive line of product and service offerings. “Kice Industries is a multi-industry industrial air system… Learn More

6DT8 Multi-Aspirator Testing

Test Application Rate: Up to 800 lbs. per minute (13.5 lbs. per minute) using a 6DT8 Multi-Aspirator Bulk Density: Estimated at 32-35 lbs.per cubic foot, loose Product: HDPE regrind Size: 5/16″ (8mm) Note: Product to be dry, granular and free-flowing Product to be lifted from existing Rapid Granulator discharge. Principle: Product lifted through existing evacuation… Learn More

1986 Case Study: Spice Mill Design

In 1986 Kice worked with a well-known spice manufacturer to develop some new technologies and advantages for the spice milling industry. A critical part of controlling the quality of the finished products was the ability to control the grinding and grading steps in the milling process. The milling process was done in stages: cleaning, grinding,… Learn More

Dust Assessment

Dust explosions in the grain and milling industries usually start inside process equipment such as mills, dryers, mixers, classifiers, conveyors, and storage silos and hoppers. Dust explosions can cause catastrophic loss of life, injuries, and destruction of facilities and assets. Maintaining the Solution An important item that affects the continued performance of a dust control… Learn More

1982 Case Study: King Milling Load-Out System

Designing the System In 1982, King Milling had reached its production limits due to a lack of space in the mill. A remodeling project was planned to gain operating space. King Milling also wanted to incorporate a means of inventory control and install a high-speed bulk system at the same time to eliminate the need… Learn More

Customer Case Study: Dust Control

Customer:  Grain Elevator – Western KS Application: Open drag belt from bucket leg to tripper Product: Kice fan, cyclone, spouting, layout and install Challenge:  Cut down dusty conditions in gallery area.  Enclose belt with hood and apply dust control Results: Dramatic improvement in dusty conditions. Closing: The customer is very happy.  The results were beyond… Learn More

1987 Case Study: Excel Plant Reaps Benefits from Pneumatic Bulk Salt System

Excel Case Study The Excel meatpacking plant in Dodge City, KS, used its facility also to process several by-products, including more than 5,000 hides per day for use in manufacturing leather goods. The company had updated its hide processing equipment, replacing a labor-intensive bagged salt system with a unique bulk installation. In the process of… Learn More

FA Fan Housing & Wheel Rotation

If you are wanting to change the rotation on a Kice FA fan, it is important to note that unlike a FC fan housing and rotor which can be changed, the FA housing and rotor are directional. Another caveat to note is to go to bottom horizontal. There is a fitment issue unless specially set… Learn More

Kice Appoints Regional Sales Manager – Mexico

posted: September 24, 2019 Alejandro Cardenas – Regional Sales Manager, Mexico   Kice announced today the appointment of Alejandro Cardenas as a new Regional Sales Manager. In this role, Cardenas will be responsible for the oversight of sales throughout the Mexico territory, providing support for this customer base for the diverse product lines offered by… Learn More

1986 Case Study: Kansas Salt Mine Application

Application The Kansas Salt Mine was looking for a way to “dedust” or classify the salt they were mining and asked how they could remove the fines from the salt particles. A “surface” installation would result in condensation forming and being deposited on the salt fines and flour, creating another problem. Kice Solution The simple… Learn More

Keebler Flour Conveying Solution

Application The Keebler Company needed a bulk flour delivery system designed and fabricated for its Van Nuys, California bakery. The flour conveying project required a dependable delivery of high-quality flour supplied automatically to scale hoppers above the mixers. The flour delivery system was designed to convey flour from any of the three “use” tanks (5,000… Learn More

Automation in the Milling Industry

Today, especially in the food sector, sustainability and traceability are two very important facts. Therefore, process control is vital in the milling plants where tons of production are made per day. Automation is a must for quality and error-free production in those plants. What opportunities and advantages does automation offer to flour mills? What kind… Learn More

1984 Case Study: Botkin Grain Saves Money with Kice Aspirator

  Botkin Grain Company was wanting to save money they were paying to ship dockage to the terminal and needed a solution to remove dust and dockage at the country elevator level. Kice built an aspirator on a trailer so that it could be moved as needed. The aspirator cleaned wheat by removing dockage. Dockage,… Learn More

1982 Case Study: K-State’s Mill Gets Assistance

KSU Mill When Kansas State University’s experimental flour mill burned in 1958, Kice helped to rebuild it. Kice provided pneumatic fans, cyclones, airlocks, gravity spouting, and other fittings for the new mill. When the university’s Grain Science Department decided to build a new specialty mill in 1982, Kice provided an important role in the design,… Learn More

Cyclone and Filter Access Door Install

Our QuickShip team has received some calls from customers asking about removing and re-installing Kice bolt-on access doors on Kice cyclones and filters. Follow these instructions to help ensure a smoother removal and installation. Removing the door: Remove the hex nuts and washer and save for later Using a flat blade, pry open the door,… Learn More

1987 Case Study: Flavorite Lab Switches to Continuous System

Flavorite Lab, Inc, a manufacturer of seasonings and processor of natural spices was looking for a modern, efficient system to replace the equipment they had been using for cleaning spices. The company was not happy with the way their existing system handled safety products, such as sage. And they also wanted to convert from a… Learn More

Speed Spout 101

A coordinated line of fittings that covers practically every fitting requirement in typical applications, Kice’s Speed Spout is designed to meet rigid requirements for sanitation and long life. The system includes over 550 types and sizes (typically 2”-8”) of standardized parts. Each is designed to meet rigid requirements in both gravity and pneumatic conveying lines.… Learn More

Welding Assistant Program

The Kice Weld Assistant program was formed as a result of the high demand for experienced welders in the local job market. Our program allows individuals who lack real world on the job skills in the welding field, an opportunity to gain experience in a fast-paced manufacturing environment. As a welding assistant, the individual will… Learn More

Case Study 1985: Land Tool Increases Efficiency with Kice Aspirator

  At one time, Land Tool Company was the largest manufacturer of helmets in the world. To make their helmets perfect, the plastic could not contain fines or dust.  The company had been using a screening system which they found to be expensive and not very efficient. The company heard about the Kice aspirator and… Learn More

National Engineers Week

Lucas Dugan – Design Engineer   What is your engineering background?  I have a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Wichita State University. Here at Kice I design specialized equipment while also providing engineering support to various other departments. What do you find most rewarding about a career in engineering?  The most rewarding parts of my… Learn More

OSHA Ladder Requirements

OSHA requires that all fixed ladders installed on and after November 19, 2018, must be equipped with a personal fall arrest system or a ladder safety system. Per Code of Federal Regulations 1910.28(b)(9)(i) (B), an employer must have a personal fall protection system or ladder safety system for ladders extending over 24′. However, to help… Learn More

Coffee Applications

Customer:  Coffee Manufacturer Challenge and Application: Kice Positive Pressure Conveying System to move 110 lbs. per minute of ground coffee, through a 3” OD line, from a dryer to storage bins. The system is to move product 80 feet horizontally and 50 feet vertically with five each 90-degree elbows Products: Kice PD3000 Air Power Unit,… Learn More

Project Management Services

Project Management – Gaining Effeciency and Effectiveness Over the years, project management has become integral to companies in various industries. Today’s process facilities face challenges like never before, as all projects are expected to be completed as efficiently, quickly, and cost-effectively as ever. More and more companies are starting to outsource their project management function… Learn More

Multi-Aspiration 101

In simplest terms, a Multi-Aspirator is a much more efficient way of separating or classifying materials (without any moving parts). By using the differences in terminal velocities of specific products, Multi-Aspirators use air to separate and classify materials by size, shape, and density. The entire system is based off the material’s size, density, and shape… Learn More

Kice Offset Vane Feeder

posted: July 2,2018   Kice Industries today announced it has introduced a new offset vane feeder to its product line. The new design will result in shorter lead times and lower costs. “There are no transitions with the new design, it can bolt directly to an aspirator and provides a seal to protect against product… Learn More

Origin of the Kice ChickenVeyor

ChickenVeyors were developed by Kice decades ago. The concept was ahead of its time. Performance was handicapped by the small capacity of the old wood and plastic coops, then used almost universally, and the wasted effort and time involved stacking and unstacking them. Developing the Prototype At the time, Kice built only a few prototype… Learn More

Kice Flat Bottom Sweep

  Kice Industries today announced it has introduced a flat bottom sweep to its product line. It is suitable for use in NFPA compliant filters avoiding the requirement for tall hopper sections. The unit incorporates a sweep-arm with an FDA compliant neoprene wiper, and a simple bottom-mounted direct drive motor assembly for reliable operation and… Learn More

New Kice Compact Filter

posted: April 16,2018   Kice Industries today announced it has introduced a new compact filter to its product line. The new compact filter is for direct mounting to bins, drags, legs and other equipment where access or mounting options are limited. “This new filter features an integrated fan and cleaning system that is designed for… Learn More

Kice Industries, Sangati Berga Form Strategic Alliance

posted: March 29,2018   Kice Industries and Sangati Berga announced the signing of an agreement to form a strategic alliance between the two companies. The agreement includes joint distribution, sales and promotional efforts for new and existing grain milling projects in the United States and Canada. “Bringing together over 100 years of combined experience in… Learn More

New Replacement Filter Bags from Kice

posted: March 19,2018 New replacement Filter Bags   Kice Industries today announced it has introduced a new line of replacement filter bags. The new filter bags are more efficient and offer a longer bag life than previous versions. “These DuraTes bags allows less penetration of the media and promotes more surface loading, resulting in longer… Learn More

Changing Your Kice Filter Bags

Filter replacement intervals can differ from application to application. But if you are diligent about replacing your filter bags, you can help improve the efficiency of your process. General Rule on when to change Kice Filter Bags (Note: Refer to printed and/or electronic manuals for full details.) 1) Check filter bag pressure differential weekly by… Learn More

Case Study 1988: Kice Conveying System Improves Popcorn Quality

Customer:  Popcorn Manufacturer Year: 1988 Application: The company needed a simple, small capacity pneumatic conveying system which would be used to convey unpopped kernels away from the work area to a holding bin for disposal. The system had to be compact and sanitary, requiring a minimum of valuable floor space. It also needed to be… Learn More

Central Vacuum Systems

Design and Sizing are Key Factors in Moving Material Effectively and Efficiently Besides good grain cleaning and dust control, one of the key components that greatly helps in delivering effective and top-notch housekeeping results in a milling facility is a central vacuum system. First, it’s important to keep in mind that a dust collection system… Learn More

2021 Kice Tradeshow Schedule

Come one, Come all. 2021 Kice Trade Show Schedule   We are gearing up to hit the ground running in 2021 with our trade shows schedule.  We hope that the locations and dates allow for many customers and prospects to get a chance to speak with our representatives. To really understand the Kice difference, meet… Learn More

Kice Appoints Regional Sales Manager – Pacific Northwest

posted: January 12,2018 Dave Link – Regional Sales Manager, Pacific NorthwestTerritory   Kice announced today the appointment of Dave Link as a new Regional Sales Manager. In this role, Link will be responsible for the oversight of sales throughout the Pacific Northwest territory, providing support for this customer base for the diverse product lines offered… Learn More

Kice Appoints New Sales Manager

posted: January 5,2018 Wade Hosman – Techinal Sales Manager, Southeast Territory   Kice announced the appointment of Wade Hosman as its Technical Sales Manager, based out of Stuttgart, AR. In this role, Wade will be responsible for the oversight of sales throughout the Southeast territory, providing support for this customer base for the diverse product… Learn More

Multi-Aspirator Usage of the Day

There are many reasons why “aspiration” should be considered for product separations, and there is one essential reason that Kice Multi-Aspirators® should be the aspirator used. It is much more efficient. An extensive selection of styles and sizes allow Kice to handle literally thousands of different applications. Usage Case Study – Insect Damaged Kernels  … Learn More

Happy Thanksgiving from Kice

First and foremost, we would like to thank our customers, reps, suppliers and employees. It’s continuing our working relationships with you that allow us to grow and succeed in our efforts to provide quality solutions to the various industries we serve. We will be closed from November 25-26th.   If you’re at the dinner table… Learn More

Blower Maintenance

The positive displacement blower is often the heart of many types of pneumatic conveying and process systems. Often, such an important piece of equipment is forgotten until it fails. Once the blower has failed, the maintenance personnel must scramble to get the system back online. Some simple procedures can often prevent damage to the blower… Learn More

Airlock Maintenance

The key to long and trouble-free airlock operation is good maintenance practices. Periodically inspect the rotor for damage caused by foreign material and for proper rotor placement within the airlock body.   Inspect the bearings and the drive chain for excessive wear. Finally, service the gearmotor or speed reducer as specified by the manufacturer. The… Learn More

Working in Confined Spaces

Anyone who carries out confined space work needs to be familiar with the standards and regulations for performing work in these environments. Kice Equipment in Confined Spaces   Some of the equipment Kice Industries manufacturers may include confined spaces. As defined by OSHA, a confined space has: Limited means of entry and/or exit Is large… Learn More

The Value of a Testing Lab

The Kice testing lab is an integral part of our engineering and design team. Through testing and analysis, we can accurately identify the characteristics and physical properties of a product and, based on your requirements, determine its pneumatic conveying characteristics. This is accomplished by running the product through special aspirators, conveying systems, grading, grinding and… Learn More

NFPA Standards & Combustible Dust

Combustible dust explosions are a risk in many areas of a facility. Facilities can create dust particles that can become airborne and dispersed throughout the plant. It’s when these particles are in a combustible environment that they represent a significant risk for an industrial accident. The serious hazards associated with handling fine dust and powdered… Learn More

Measuring Air

Whether sizing new equipment, replacing old equipment, meeting government recordkeeping regulations, or wanting to improve facility efficiency, learning to measure air velocity is an important aid. Plus, it need not be a daunting task, because air measuring kits are readily available and equipped with all the necessary tools needed to do an accurate and thorough… Learn More

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