KICE, Industries

Kice Headquarters

Sitting on 25 acres in Park City, KS (North Wichita), the Kice Home Office and 65,000 square feet of manufacturing space were built in 1996.

The home office includes offices for all the internal functions of Kice including management, sales, engineering, drafting, order processing, purchasing and accounting. With room to grow, the home office provides a first class work environment.

Included in the 1996 project was a portion of manufacturing space with 40 foot ceilings. This area is used for the pre-assembly of modular processing systems such as the KSU Mill and plastics regrind and aspiration systems.

In 2004 Kice opened a 72,500 square foot manufacturing building adjoining the existing manufacturing space. This project completed a long term plan to move the entire Kice operation to the Park City location. The new building houses state-of-the-art manufacturing assets that help to produce Kice equipment.

Kice employs roughly 200 people at the Park City location.

CFM Corporation

CFM Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kice Industries, is a gray iron and ductile iron foundry specializing in custom iron castings. CFM pours a wide variety of castings including roller mill housings, extruder housings, rotary airlocks, large cylinders and pistons, heads for engines and compressors as well as air pump housings and rotors. The CFM Corporation gray iron and ductile iron foundry and home office are conveniently located in the Midwest in Blackwell, Oklahoma. The CFM facility was opened in 1976, is 57,750 square feet and employs nearly 50 people.

Contact CFM Corporation for custom iron castings, low-run iron castings and job-shop iron castings. The foundry has gray iron casting capabilities up to 3,000 pounds with class 30, 40 and 42 gray iron. Ductile iron casting capabilities go up to 1,500 pounds using 80-55-06 and 65-45-12 ductile iron.

KICE, Industries