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Lab Request Form

The Kice Testing Lab is able to simulate an actual system and accurately predict the viability of each product. Through testing, Kice is able to determine the proper loading and the proper air volume required for each product. Please fill out this form for processing tests through the Kice laboratory.

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NOTE: Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for the material must be included with the shipment of every sample. Material received without an SDS will not be processed. Select “Upload” to include SDS with lab request. The SDS is still required to be included with the material shipment even if provided with the lab request.

Note: RMA number and lab test date will be confirmed after receiving completed lab test form and reviewing lab schedule.
Test Results
Note: If no shipping account is provided a $50 fee will be charged for returning small material samples < 3 lbs. Shipping larger bulk quantities will be quoted separately. Any material not returned will be disposed of within 30 days.
Please contact if any questions.
KICE, Industries