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1982 Case Study: K-State’s Mill Gets Assistance

KSU Mill

When Kansas State University’s experimental flour mill burned in 1958, Kice helped to rebuild it. Kice provided pneumatic fans, cyclones, airlocks, gravity spouting, and other fittings for the new mill. When the university’s Grain Science Department decided to build a new specialty mill in 1982, Kice provided an important role in the design, layout, and fabrication of the unit.

Designed to mill a variety of grains, including corn, rye, and sorghum, the specialty mill was loaded with information-gathering components, automation, variable speeds, and was yet flexible. The operation was set to be controlled by a programmable computer system which would monitor the operation and make flow changes if necessary.

Kice provided assistance in the layout of the mill and detailed placement of roll stands, sifters, and pneumatic lifts. Since the location was in a new addition on top of two floors of existing classrooms, floor loadings and equipment vibration/motion were critical.

Special design modifications were required, i.e., Kice designed and installed the roll stands on a common base with isolation mounts to keep the vibration and noise from being transmitted to the classrooms below the mill. Another new feature designed by Kice was the variable speed drives for the fast and slow rolls. Controls to measure roll speeds were also mounted on the rolls so grinding speeds and differentials can be determined.

KICE, Industries