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Airlock Maintenance

The key to long and trouble-free airlock operation is good maintenance practices. Periodically inspect the rotor for damage caused by foreign material and for proper rotor placement within the airlock body.


Inspect the bearings and the drive chain for excessive wear. Finally, service the gearmotor or speed reducer as specified by the manufacturer.

The majority of airlock operating problems can be traced to improper adjustments and delayed or neglected maintenance. A consistently applied maintenance program will prevent many problems.

A thorough understanding of the system is required if the operating problems are to be corrected satisfactorily. A good rule to follow when troubleshooting a problem is to never make more than one adjustment at a time, thereby isolating the problem by a process of elimination.

The cause of a problem is usually simple and is easy to pinpoint if you systematically check each system and function.

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KICE, Industries