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Case Study 1985: Land Tool Increases Efficiency with Kice Aspirator


At one time, Land Tool Company was the largest manufacturer of helmets in the world. To make their helmets perfect, the plastic could not contain fines or dust.  The company had been using a screening system which they found to be expensive and not very efficient.

The company heard about the Kice aspirator and sought to have some initial testing completed. After seeing the results from the Kice lab how the dust and fines were eliminated from the virgin plastic, Land Tool was ready for their own unit.

By using the Kice Multi-Aspirator to air-wash the fines and dust, improved efficiencies were realized and the reject rate was reduced. The company was always conscientious about quality control and the aspirator was just what they needed. Not only was the reject rate cut, but they were also able to reclaim plastic which was previously rejected due to the amount of fines.

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