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Case Study 1986: Custom Designed Kice Solution Solves Problems for Love Box


The Love Box Company was looking to save money while improving operating procedures. They came to Kice looking to achieve this with the help of a bulk starch storage and handling system.

Because Love Box Company used such large quantities of starch, they were able to take advantage of a bulk system. They were able to not only buy the product at a better rate but with a bulk system, there were no bags to open and dispose of.

Kice designed a bin large enough to hold 1 ½ truck loads of starch so a full truck load could be delivered, preventing the operator from ever running out of the product. A filter receiver was placed on top of the storage tank to prevent material from being lost into the atmosphere. This filter was used during both the unloading and transfer process to prevent pollution, save a useable product and prevent waste.

A pneumatic conveying system designed by Kice moved the product from the storage bin located outside the building, through the warehouse to a use bin in the production area. The use bin above the mixer was placed on load cells. When the predetermined amount of starch had been conveyed into the use bin, the load cells signaled the scale valve which diverted the product en route back to the storage tank. The system automatically shuts down and cleaned itself in timed sequences.

Additional Kice components incorporated into the pneumatic system included air pump units, airlock valves, diverter valves, bins, air pad bin bottoms, fans and tubing systems. Advantages for The Love Box Company using a system as this included:

  • The purchase of less expensive bulk materials was facilitated by having ample storage capacity
  • The risk of employee injuries from lifting heavy bags of dry material was virtually eliminated
  • Waste was reduced since there were no partial bags of starch remaining
  • Emissions were controlled by using a closed system- (no dust was released into the atmosphere during transfer operations)
  • The amount of floor space made available by eliminating both full and empty bags was considerable.
KICE, Industries