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Case Study 1988: Kice Conveying System Improves Popcorn Quality

Customer:  Popcorn Manufacturer

Year: 1988

Application: The company needed a simple, small capacity pneumatic conveying system which would be used to convey unpopped kernels away from the work area to a holding bin for disposal. The system had to be compact and sanitary, requiring a minimum of valuable floor space. It also needed to be reasonable quiet and remove as little air as possible from the building.

Before designing the system, Kice engineers had to find out whether or not the product could be pulled through the fan without causing excessive damage to the fan blade. If so, a more economical system could be built because it would not require an airlock valve or airtight chamber.

It was determined that by using an abrasion-resistant rotor, there would not be enough wear to be a serious problem.

Freshly popped corn is emptied into the shute leading to the screener. Unpopped kernels drop down into the Kice pneumatic system and are conveyed thru the fan to a disposal bin located outside.
KICE, Industries