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Changing Your Kice Filter Bags

Filter replacement intervals can differ from application to application. But if you are diligent about replacing your filter bags, you can help improve the efficiency of your process.

General Rule on when to change Kice Filter Bags

(Note: Refer to printed and/or electronic manuals for full details.)

1) Check filter bag pressure differential weekly by looking at the pressure differential gauge.


  • Use 6” w.c as the indication that the bags need to be changed. What happens is that the pressure drop across the filter bags will gradually rise from the time of the initial startup until a permanent dust cake builds up on the surface of the bags. At that point, the pressure drop should remain constant for the life of the bags. When enough dust particles have become embedded into the filter media such that they are unable to be dislodged by the cleaning cycle, the bags become blinded over, and the pressure drop begins to rise again. The pressure drop will continue to rise until the bags are replaced. Since most filters operate with a pressure drop of between 3” and 4” w.c., designing the system for a maximum pressure drop of 6” w.c. allows the plant time to schedule a shutdown in order to change the filter bags before the design pressure is reached.
  • Install filter bags correctly, following the picture on filter door and/or Kice Filter Bag Changing document.
  • Change all filter bags during the change out (i.e. do not change a few at a time, run for few weeks/months, then change others).

3) If dust is discharging the Kice General Dust Control Fan then filter bag(s) are either missing, damaged, broken, cut, etc… and allowing dust to pass through the filter to the atmosphere. Shut down the system, find and replace damaged/missing filter bag(s) ASAP.

4) If you have no vacuum suction in a High Vacuum Air Power Unit, a possible reason might be the filter bag(s) are either missing, damaged, broken, cut, etc… and allowing dust to pass through the filter to the Vacuum Air Power Unit Prefilter.

  • Shut down the system, find and replace damaged/missing filter bag(s) ASAP.
  • Clean or replace the Vacuum Air Power Unit Prefilter element.

5) Check filter cages and band clamps during the filter bag change out. If it is damaged or lost, replace as needed.

Methods of Cleaning Filter Bags

Kice CR Filters

The Kice CR Filter uses low-pressure, high volume air to clean the bags. The cleaning air is generated by a high static centrifugal fan located in the clean air chamber of the unit.

The filter cleaning mechanism travels along the top of the tube sheet providing direct cleaning to the filter bags.

Kice Venturijet Filters

The Kice VenturiJet system uses high pressure 80-100 PSIG- plant air, and venturis to induce additional air into the air stream that is clean­ing the socks. Coupled with Kice’s attention to proper bag spacing, Kice VenturiJet filters operate just as efficiently as most other medium pressure filters.

Kice Pneujet Filters

The PneuJet system is a medium pressure system that discharges the full volume of cleaning air directly into a row of filter bags. Air pressure inside the air tank is brought up in the 12-15 PSI range with the use of a Kice Air Power Unit (blower package). The PneuJet system does not require access to high-pressure plant air; eliminating the possibility of oil and water damage to filter bag interiors.

Kice Baghouse Filters

Spanning over half a century, Kice experience in designing and building filter systems provides an insight unique in the market. Kice has studied filtration principles and developed some of their own, many of which are patented.

For maximum operating efficiency, the dust must be allowed to settle into the hopper for discharge out of the system. If bags are spaced too closely together or if the housing size is too small, excessive “can velocity” results, holding the dust in suspension. Suspended dust can choke the system regardless of the cleaning mechanism and air to cloth ratio. Kice filters are conservatively designed to provide proper bag spacing which eliminates this potential problem.

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