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Cyclone and Filter Access Door Install

Our QuickShip team has received some calls from customers asking about removing and re-installing Kice bolt-on access doors on Kice cyclones and filters. Follow these instructions to help ensure a smoother removal and installation.

Removing the door:

  • Remove the hex nuts and washer and save for later
  • Using a flat blade, pry open the door, loosening it from the caulking, from the top
  • Pull the door down and away from the hopper at same time
  • This might require scraping off caulking and reapplying as needed

Re-installing the door:

  • Make sure threaded studs on filter hopper are caulking free, straight, with good threads
  • Be sure the surface on the access door and filter hopper is clean, with new caulking
  • Start by installing the bottom of the door on the filter hopper, aligning the bottom row of bolt holes
  • “Roll” the door upward to align with the side bolts
  • The top bolts should be last and will align the door
  • Re-install the washers and hex nuts

NOTE: The door should seal. This will prevent air and/or moisture from being pulled into the hopper
compromising performance. Trying to remove or install the door “straight on” can be difficult
and result in damaged studs on the cyclone cone or filter hopper.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our QuickShip support team:

Phone: (316) 744-7151
Toll-Free: 1-877-289-5423


KICE, Industries