KICE, Industries

Kice Offset Vane Feeder

posted: July 2,2018


Kice Industries today announced it has introduced a new offset vane feeder to its product line. The new design will result in shorter lead times and lower costs.

“There are no transitions with the new design, it can bolt directly to an aspirator and provides a seal to protect against product leakage,” said Andy Forrester, Director of Sales, Kice Industries.

Kice Vane Feeders

Kice rotary vane feeders are used to meter product out of storage tanks or into equipment such as Multi-Aspirators. Sometimes called ‘blend vane feeders,’ these units provide a constant, volumetric rate of feed. Many feeders on the market today are constructed out of aluminum which is not only a weak material but can produce shavings that are not caught by magnets. Kice rotary vane feeders are built with heavy duty, mild steel that will provide years of reliable service.

KICE, Industries