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Multi-Aspirator Usage of the Day

There are many reasons why “aspiration” should be considered for product separations, and there is one essential reason that Kice Multi-Aspirators® should be the aspirator used. It is much more efficient. An extensive selection of styles and sizes allow Kice to handle literally thousands of different applications.

Usage Case Study – Insect Damaged Kernels


IDK (Insect Damaged Kernels) is just one of many types of wheat kernel damage and is always an issue and may be more of an issue with the abundance of grain in a silo and flat storage these days. Basically, the insect will eat the complete contents of the wheat endosperm and germ leaving just the bran coating (outside of kernel of wheat) before moving on to the next kernel.

A Kice Multi-Aspirator will do a very good job of removing IDK from whole wheat since the bran coating is usually light (and empty). As always, testing and knowing exactly what a customer expects to remove from the aspiration process is critical. Lab testing is always helpful and a beneficial part of the process.

Our PA series shows quite a heavy load for rough cleaning. The IDK should lift at this rates, but be prepared to try to get the feed rate down if possible for better results. Kice has several sizes of Kice Trailer/Skid mounted aspiration systems available for your application needs.

We’ll Prove it to You

If you aren’t sure the Multi-Aspirator will perform on your product, give us a chance to test it in our lab. Kice has a lab available to test your products – returning samples for your inspection.

KICE, Industries