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Project Management – Gaining Effeciency and Effectiveness

Over the years, project management has become integral to companies in various industries. Today’s process facilities face challenges like never before, as all projects are expected to be completed as efficiently, quickly, and cost-effectively as ever.

More and more companies are starting to outsource their project management function to an external supplier.  Plant managers and supervisors have more and more responsibilities and less time to:

  • Define scopes of projects.
  • Design process systems.
  • Manage projects.

The success or failure of a major project can be highly dependent on the team that is chosen to manage the steps during the duration of the project. A customer’s project manager can become one of the biggest assets for them as they provide a single point of contact for all issues that arise over the course of a project.

What You Gain

Hiring the right project management services team can bring key benefits to you including:

  • Reduce risk by watching over all aspects and details from design and layout thru commissioning of the new process.
  • Confirm quality components and give you a detailed understanding of how they integrate into your system.
  • Reduce delays by ensuring your project stays on time.

What You Should be Looking For

In most situations, you will want to look to hire a company’s services not just an individual to manage the project. The hiring process might come down to a relationship and trust factor you have with an individual, which is great, but a company needs to ensure that their project manager has a team of professionals to support the project.

Many projects can last six to 24 months or longer. Choosing an individual with limited or no back-up or support staff is very risky. You may find your company vulnerable or looking for a new project manager at a critical phase of the project, and you will have lost the continuity of leadership. By partnering with a whole department or team, you will have the option to bring along another project manager from that team with the same policies, procedures, forms and management philosophy as your original project manager. For example, at Kice, our project managers meet regularly as an internal team and debrief regarding client projects, so no project is ever proceeding in isolation.

Connections and Experience

The outcome of your project boils down to connections and experience a company has in the industry. Cross-industry referencing will give the project management team the ability to look at the customer’s process from all angles, bringing innovative solutions to the most complex processing problems. You will want to select a team that has experience with similar types of projects that provides an experienced project manager who approaches every project with the intent to build a strong team focused on meeting or exceeding your goals and expectations.



Communication is an essential tool in the field of project management. The success of a project largely depends on the efficiency of its communication network.

The timing of communication can be a critical part of a project’s success. Since project work is often tied to dependent or concurrent tasks, project managers will need to make sure that team members are sharing important information that allows the team to know what has been done and what needs to be done next. It’s also necessary to prioritize communication and convey the right amount of information. Too much communication can be overwhelming, leading to important information getting lost. On the other hand, too little communication might not provide a clear enough picture to allow the team to complete the work that needs to be done. Project managers who understand how to send the right amount of information to the right people at the right time will be able to keep things moving smoothly, resulting in a successful project.

Kice Project Management

Kice brings over 60 years of pneumatic conveying and air filtration experience along with project managers and layout draftsman who have worked across a wide variety of industries. Our project management team has extensive design-build integration expertise offering a seamless turn-key solution.

We oversee the installation of all equipment and systems that we install for our customers meaning that you only have the most skilled experts on your team. After all, installing completed systems requires the same unmatched experience and attention to detail that goes into the initial design. We own the installation and only use licensed and insured crews that provide you a finished job in a timely but safe manner.

What Kice Customers are Saying

“The entire process went very smoothly; there seemed to be very little if any wasted time or effort on our project. With regards to communication, I specifically like the way you were able to work directly with the on-site resources and personnel to get what you needed to keep things moving. You also did a great job keeping the key contacts updated on the status of the project.

Your team’s installation was exceptional. I was on site practically every day of this challenging installation. With this equipment being the first of its kind, your team understood the installation timeline, risks and the requirement that it had to “be right.” Your team was proactive (identifying potential challenges, even before we could see them coming), responsive to subcontractor issues and extremely professional.

Your teams follow up after the installation, and the initial start-up “shake-down” was right on target as we reviewed equipment performance, and your team suggested proactive improvements.

Your team consistently demonstrated transparency and consistent on-time delivery of every aspect of the project plan.”


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