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A coordinated line of fittings that covers practically every fitting requirement in typical applications, Kice’s Speed Spout is designed to meet rigid requirements for sanitation and long life.

The system includes over 550 types and sizes (typically 2”-8”) of standardized parts. Each is designed to meet rigid requirements in both gravity and pneumatic conveying lines.

Standard speed spout comes in aluminum, steel cast iron or stainless steel. Aluminum construction is the most common material used for gravity spouting jobs. It is light-weight, sanitary, and does not require paint.  Carbon steel or stainless steel is a better option for more abrasive materials or applications.

Speed Spout is joined by simple screw-clamp compression couplings. These couplings are quick and simple to install and provide rigidity, strength and smooth, sanitary internal surfaces. All Speed Spout joints and welds are ground smooth, so there is no place for product to hang up. This reduces the chances for infestation or internal build-up. By not using external flanges, the spouting is more streamlined with less chance for insect harborage or dust accumulation.

In your typical mills, there can be miles of spouting to connect all of the equipment. This is where you can see the value of the Kice Speed Spout, offering standard fittings that will meet all of the requirements (special angles, intersections, splits, access ports, sight glass, and transitions).

When your facility operation utilizes large amounts of spouting, it is important to know that dependable, interchangeable replacement parts are readily available. Because of this, Kice maintains a large inventory of standardized fittings in stock.

Standardized Designs for Easy Install

All of the parts and fittings are designed to interconnect and interreact. The O. D. fittings will mate with each other, and the branches will mate with other fittings. Every part will fit because it’s all been pre-designed. The angles are all on the same plane, so everything is perfectly lined up. Quality is built in during fabrication. Because all parts are standardized, the customer will know whatever they order is going to fit into their system and will allow for expansion or modification of the spouting if necessary. This uniformity of design also allows for easy replacement of parts many years after install.

From simple connections to diverting or splitting, controlling flow, or product inspection, Kice Speed Spout has what you need. Most components are available within 24 hours.

You can access the Speed Spout Operator’s manual here: Speed Spout Manual

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