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The Value of a Testing Lab

The Kice testing lab is an integral part of our engineering and design team. Through testing and analysis, we can accurately identify the characteristics and physical properties of a product and, based on your requirements, determine its pneumatic conveying characteristics.

This is accomplished by running the product through special aspirators, conveying systems, grading, grinding and other test equipment. We sometimes build scaled down models of larger equipment to test new conveying designs, assuring that they will meet customer requirements and operate at peak efficiency and dependability.

Just a few of the types of products we have tested include grains, cereals, seeds, nuts, spices, baby foods, dehydrated vegetables/fruits, minerals, chemicals, fertilizers, plastics, wood/sawdust, pellets – virtually any free-flowing commodity that you would normally consider screening. We have even aspirated gold dust, chewing gum, and candy bars.

Ask For An Analysis Of Your Product

We will be able to test your product in our lab and provide you with an analysis of its suitability for pneumatic conveying, or other suggestions that could help improve the processing of your product.

Contact us to schedule your test and analysis:

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