KICE, Industries

Welding Assistant Program

The Kice Weld Assistant program was formed as a result of the high demand for experienced welders in the local job market. Our program allows individuals who lack real world on the job skills in the welding field, an opportunity to gain experience in a fast-paced manufacturing environment.

As a welding assistant, the individual will “learn while they earn,” gaining knowledge in; material prep, form and fit up of metal parts, welding procedures, blue print reading, work flow routing, and welding techniques.

Each assistant will have the opportunity to spend 1 to 2 hours per shift welding on anything from scrap pieces for practice to manufactured components that will be shipped to our customers. The assistants will receive instruction from our Welding Manager who is an AWS Certified Weld Educator and an AWS Certified Weld Inspector.

Upon completion of the assistant program, the employee will transition into the role of a full-time welder.

KICE, Industries