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Stop Wasting your Hard Capital Extracting Dirty Batches

Would you like to get top dollar from your extractions? One of the challenges with processing hemp is removing seeds, stems, and sticks prior to extraction. Through collaboration with Hemp Processing Partners, we have recently developed solutions to remove seeds and sticks from the plant material as well as break up any remaining larger buds to liberate and remove those seeds.  This allows for a higher purity of CBD content and a more efficient extraction.

By taking your material through a Kice system to clean it, you can realistically expect the purity level of your product to increase by 50%-100%. Furthermore, our baghouse filter will be able to capture all of the kief that comes off the hemp, giving you the ability to retain this valuable product stream and experience virtually no loss.

Hemp Processing Equipment Overview

Separation of Plant Materials and Seeds with Kice Equipment

KICE, Industries