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How Kice Uses Pneumatic Conveying for Wood Applications

Kice Industries has worked in the wood industry for decades and has made a point to continually advance our solutions to fit the application. However, in the last ten years or so the expansion of wood pellet production has provided the opportunity for Kice to use the full breadth of its abilities and technology in the wood industry, including air handling systems and specialized control system designs made for specific applications.

There’s a good reason for this increased demand for pneumatic conveying and other processing methods involving wood. Wood pellets are rapidly becoming a feasible, alternative energy solution known as pellet fuel for heating homes and for other industrial uses.

The pellets are made from one of the following five categories of biomass: industrial waste, food waste, energy crops, agricultural residue, and virgin lumber. Their density and compact makeup make them ideal for air handling systems and pneumatic conveying, which is exactly where Kice Industries comes into play.

Over the last several years, Kice has worked with several customers who have large inventories of dry hardwood “waste” to create a control system design and build complete wood pelleting plants. Kice can be counted on to build systems that move wood pellets for both power generation and for use in automated heating systems.

Kice pneumatic conveying systems keep wood material flowing and biofuel operations growing. Comprised of industry-leading components, our systems can easily be expanded to include dust control systems, hammermill air assist, pneumatic conveying, and cooler air assistance for peak performance. Our team of designers and engineers can create a control system design that is specifically tailored to your operation.

When you order a Kice system, you have a partner for the long haul. Our products are built to last with durable parts that we produce in-house. Kice can design, manufacture, and assemble pneumatic systems specifically for your pelleting operation, and our automated electrical systems keep your plant running safely and on schedule. We also design our pneumatic systems to reduce wood pellet degradation to the absolute minimum. Kice also considers the formation of fines as a result of the pneumatic conveying process as well. Pellet composition, length, and formation all play a factor, and our engineers are incredibly thorough when devising the best method of conveying for your particular wood pellet product.

Typical projects start in our engineering and process departments where flow sheets, layout drawings, and equipment specifications are prepared. Our Process Group utilizes its experience in the design and manufacturing of material handling systems in the wood pelleting industry.

The Kice Process Group services include:

  • Project management
  • Process design and definition
  • Budgeting and project costing
  • Field measurement for accurate layout design
  • Layout drawings
  • Procurement
  • Commissioning and operational training
KICE, Industries