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All the Different Ways KICE Industries Uses Advanced Engineering to Systematically Improve Your Operations

KICE Industries engineers take a personal approach to their work, building most of their equipment using their own two hands to ensure the highest quality machinery. Their expertise is applied to applications that include pneumatic conveying, dust control systems, central vacuum systems, industrial central vacuums, cyclones, and aspiration systems.

Used for products that are small in particle size, the air pad bin bottom injects air into the product so that it takes on a “fluid” state, which allows it to move like water on the air current. KICE Industries air pad bin bottoms are installed on storage tanks of all sizes, have no moving parts, and enable much quicker unloading compared to a vibrating bin bottom.
KICE Industries air power units are suited for a wide range of applications such as positive and negative pressure conveying systems, fluidization systems, vacuum sweeper systems, filter systems, and many other unique applications. Our engineers have four generations of experience in properly applying air power units.
KICE Industries airlocks are used in pneumatic conveying, dust control systems, and flow control applications. Since each application is a little bit different from the next, each KICE airlock is given a personalized touch to ensure that everything is in good working order. We pride ourselves on building the strongest, most reliable airlocks in the industry.
At the end of the milling process, minute amounts of endosperm are retained by the bran. Retaining this trace flour can be helpful to the overall bottom line, which is where the KICE Industries bran finisher comes into play. This easy-to-use machine allows millers to do just that.
KICE Industries centrifugal fans have the ability to run around the clock, delivering high-performance levels in even the toughest conditions. They are specifically designed for applications such as pneumatic conveying, dust control systems, and air stabilization.
KICE Industries has been building high-efficiency cyclone collectors ever since we started our company more than 50 years ago. Our cyclone machines are simple in design and yet highly effective in their functionality. They’re also some of the most competitively priced on the marketplace.
Diverter valves from KICE Industries have evolved by way of what materials they use, but the effective design and function remain the same. Our diverter valves meet the critical need to terminate a pneumatic conveying system at multiple destinations and feature precise blade positioning, improved system guarding high-visibility position indicators, and an engineered square drive shaft for prolonged performance.
With a combination of increased customer demand, constant innovation, and decades of experience, KICE Industries is able to offer the widest array of filtration options for any number of different applications, including those involving bagging.
KICE Industries is considered a leader in designing and building equipment for positive pressure conveying systems and has used virtually every make of blower available. Based on that experience, KICE began rolling out its own line of heavy-duty blowers in the late ’90s that runs quieter and cooler than the competition. KICE blowers are also more energy-efficient and are virtually leak-proof.
With a KICE Industries multi-aspirator, you can get your materials to flow the exact way that you need them to with the utmost efficiency. The KICE aspirator uses proprietary technology that exposes the product stream to air six times (ensuring maximum separation of fines), which results in a product our competitors cannot match. Aspiration systems from KICE lead the industry in performance and heavy-duty build.
KICE Industries offers engineered, pre-assembled modular systems for those “open space” concept areas of your plant or warehouse. The system includes all the equipment and structures needed for it to operate with the ability to customize based upon your specifications. KICE pre-assembled modular systems can be used for applications such as plastics, recycling, grain and milling, spice plants, chemicals, and much more.
The speed spout from KICE Industries is a system that includes over 550 types and sizes of standardized parts – each designed to meet the strict requirements of both gravity and pneumatic conveying lines. The speed spout is perfect for simple connections to diverting, splitting and controlling flow.
KICE Industries rotary stream splitters and spreaders effectively mix and spread coarse or fine materials like wheat, flour, and beans. The result is a spread of material that uniformly exits the machine. Material exits the machine at the same rate it enters.
Sometimes referred to as “blend vane feeders,” KICE rotary vane feeders are used to accurately distribute products out of storage tanks or into equipment such as Multi-Aspirators. Our vane feeders provide a constant, volumetric rate of feed, and are made out of high-quality steel to ensure years of reliable operation.
The rotary drum screener from KICE Industries guarantees efficient removal of course impurities from bulk materials such as wheat, soybeans, or corn. Varying reel and screen sizes allow for the drum screener to accommodate a wide range of throughput and materials. For convenience, the cleaning brushes are removable for easy inspection and maintenance.
KICE Industries dust ducts are part of our dust control systems, which include welded metal ducting and fittings for dust control work. We carry more than 25 different types of fittings in a full range of sizes, which means we cover nearly 100% of the requirements for air pollution and dust control systems.
KICE, Industries