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Kice rotary airlocks start with heavy duty castings that are produced at Kice’s own foundry. State-of-the-art equipment turns Kice’s castings into precisely-machined valves with consistently-tight clearances. Kice airlocks are used in pneumatic conveying, dust control and flow control applications. Our engineers lean on four generations of experience when applying Kice airlocks; they are required 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have done so in thousands of different applications and locations.


Kice airlocks are used for many types of applications including pneumatic conveying, dust control and flow control. Each application is slightly different and often requires a customized touch. Kice maintains an inventory of many different types of airlocks in order to quickly respond to virtually every situation.

Factors such as pressure, heat, temperature and the thousands of different product characteristics make the application of airlocks very difficult. Kice engineers have over a half century worth of experience doing just this. Building the strongest, most reliable airlock is only half the battle. Being willing to listen to the customer and having the insight and expertise to apply these valves is just as important.

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