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Sanitary CI Series with Quick-Clean RotorRail

The Sanitary CS Series with Quick-Clean RotorRail is a rotary valve for metering, feeding and airlock applications.

Features and Benefits

  • 304 or 316 stainless steel valve housing, cast in North America, ensures superior housing solidification and metallurgy; eliminates pits and dimples where contaminants could accumulate
  • Product contact surfaces of the housing, and all rotor surfaces, are a No. 4 finish
  • Tool-less, single-step access to rotor and internal surfaces; simplifying cleaning, validation, and inspection.
  • RotorRail™ feature maintains rotor and endplate alignment during dis-assembly; ensures fast and accurate rotor and endplate re-alignment during re-assembly.
  • Run-Clean™ features include: angled surfaces, rounded edges, and factory-applied internal coatings to reduce material buildup in the housing during operation.
  • Available in 7 heights, from 10”H to 44”H; and 7 square-flange sizes from 6” to 18”.
  • CNC-machined components and housing provide precision tolerances; eliminates axial shaft movement, extends maintenance cycles.
  • Outboard bearing design protects bearings in high-temperature and high-PSIG applications; removes bearings from direct path of damaging contaminants.
  • Easily manages pressure differentials up to 15 PSIG.
  • Excellent performance in applications up to 500°F.
  • 8-vane rotor with beveled tips and sides.

Operator Manual


  • 304, 304L, 316, 316L, or 2205 cast stainless steel valve housing.
  • No. 4 finish on internal product contact surfaces of housing, and all rotor surfaces.
  • Interior coatings: hard chrome, tungsten, nickel, and epoxy.
  • Rotor types: closed-end, metering, shallow-pocket, adjustable-tip, and Teflon®-coated.
  • Adjustable rotor tips: hardened steel, stainless steel, and bronze.
  • Shaft seal types: glandless Teflon® shaft seal, and packing gland.
  • Valve housing vent ports.
  • Round flange design.
  • 6-vane, 10-vane, or 12-vane rotor.
  • Custom drive packages.
KICE, Industries