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Would you like to see less maintenance, reduced downtime and lower overall operating costs from your airlock valve? We’d like to bring this to your application with our new VJX Airlock valve.

In addition to giving you better performance and reliability than other airlock valves on the market today, the Kice VJX Airlock brings you:

  • Patented bearing cartridge design bolts to endplate for ease of assembly and maintenance.
  • Designed to comply with NFPA 69 criteria as a passive isolation device.
  • Maintenance free Teflon® seal with triple quad-ring seals to protect bearings from product contamination. No packing seals to tighten or replace.
  • Ability to be interchanged with existing Kice airlock models.
  • Heavy duty rigid motor mount with idler sprocket drive system.

Operators Manuals

PDF Dimension Sheets

Kice VJX Bearing Cartridge Replacement (Small VJX 8×6 thru 16×12)

Kice VJX Bearing Cartridge Replacement (Large 18×12 thru 24×20)

Product Video (refer to User Manual for complete installation instructions)

KICE, Industries