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Baghouse Filters

Spanning over half a century, Kice experience in designing and building filter systems provides an insight unique in the market. We’ve studied filtration principles and developed some of our own, many of which are patented. Customers continually challenge us with new requirements and new products to be filtered. As a result, we offer a vast storehouse of knowledge and innovations assuring that we can provide you with a filter system that meets your needs.

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Kice QuikShip is a dedicated parts and service team located in Wichita at the main office. An extensive inventory of parts is kept on hand for same day shipment.

Kice QuikShip can be reached toll free at 877-289-5423.


In order for a filter system to operate efficiently, it is imperative to listen, understand the application and apply Kice filters in a way that most effectively handles each specific set of circumstances. While Kice maintains a standard line of filters, we understand that most projects require some level of customization. Kice engineers have the ability to quickly yet accurately handle every detail of every project.

Can Velocity

The proper selection of a filter must not be determined only by the square feet of media it contains. For maximum operating efficiency the dust must be allowed to settle into the hopper for discharge out of the system. If bags are spaced too closely together or if the housing size is too small, excessive “can velocity” results, holding the dust in suspension. Suspended dust can choke the system regardless of the cleaning mechanism and air to cloth ratio. Kice filters are conservatively designed to provide proper bag spacing which eliminates this potential problem.

KICE, Industries