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V/M Modular Filter

The Kice Modular Series filters are designed to handle air volumes up to 40,000 CFM. While many modular filters are placed outdoors, the Modular Series was designed for installations that are required to handle large volumes of air yet remain indoors where headroom is limited. Kice modular filters can be shipped pre-assembled where the use of cranes is an option, or shipped dis-assembled where access is limited. On-site assembly is made simple by easy to understand assembly manuals.

Kice modular filters are available with either PneuJet or VenturiJet cleaning systems. Model numbers are as follows:

Series nomenclature is followed by the number of bags, followed by the bag length.

Example: M192-10 is a PneuJet modular with 192ea 10ft long filter bags.

PDF Dimension Sheets


Kice QuikShip is a dedicated parts and service team located in Wichita at the main office. An extensive inventory of parts is kept on hand for same day shipment.

Kice QuikShip can be reached toll free at 877-289-5423.

Custom Features – Available for Customized Applications

  • High Air Inlets were pioneered by Kice. Located high on the housing, this feature reduces updrafts and the potential problem of dust being suspended in the filter. High air inlets are applied to most general dust control applications.

  • Cyclonic Inlets are used on round filters that are filtering air streams with a large amount of product. The cyclonic action that occurs inside the filter directs dust into the hopper and out of the filter.

  • Kice Electric Control Boards provide skip sequential cleaning of bags. Boards are mounted in NEMA rated enclosures. All pre-assembled Kice filters are wired complete prior to shipment.

  • Rated Explosion Panels are available whenever the application requires them. The number of panels are determined by the specific product and the size of the filter. Vent ducts are also available for venting through exterior walls.

  • Top Bag Removal is an option on most Kice filters. Two methods of access are available. The first is with a removable “lid” and an access platform around the top of the filter. The second method is a walk-in clean air chamber.

  • Access Doors

  • Access Platforms

  • Port Hole Sight Glasses

  • Bolt-On Access Door
  • Filter Media
  • Some other custom features available are the Weather Enclosures and Level Indicators.

KICE, Industries