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For years Kice Industries has been considered a leader in all manner of dust collection, dust control, and designing and building equipment for positive pressure conveying systems and pneumatic systems. We continually perfect our milling machines, pneumatic systems, and fans and blowers so that they’re a perfect match for our customers’ applications.  

Over the decades, Kice has used virtually every make of blower available. In the late 1990’s, Kice Industries decided to design and build its own blower. Based on our own experience of using blowers from other manufacturers, Kice designed a blower that is truly defined by the words “heavy-duty.” The Kice PD Blower is as innovative in its design as it is effective in its execution. Kice Industries has always been renowned for our fans and blowers product line-up, and the Kice PD Blower reaffirms our status as one of the most reliable manufacturers of blowers in the industry.

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A recent addition to the Kice PD Blowers line-up are the Kice Filter Blowers (models PDF2000 and PDF2500). Incorporating the same features as the original four sizes, these two units are ideally suited for baghouse filter cleaning systems.

PD3000 —185-400 CFM

PD4000 —  300-600 CFM

PD5000 —  500-900 CFM

PD6000 —  800-1200 CFM

PDF2000 —  50-100 CFM

PDF2500 —  100-185 CFM


  • Slower Speed – While each model is capable of running over 3000 rpm, Kice Industries designed each unit to run significantly slower. Most blowers are limited in this area due to heat. In general, a blower must run at a minimum speed in order to move enough air to cool itself. However, the Kice PD Blower is designed to run cooler than all other blowers and, in turn, runs slower than all other blowers. Due to the slower speeds, the bearing life for Kice PD Blowers is estimated at 150,000 hours. Noise levels are also greatly reduced.
  • Heavy Duty Construction – Kice PD Blowers use heavy, cast iron bodies and rotors. The quality of castings are key to blower performance, and Kice is able to strictly monitor casting quality because we own the foundry that pours them. CFM Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kice Industries and provides all of the castings for the entire line-up of Kice PD Blowers.
  • Sanitary Housing – Our unique rotor tip design reduces slip by 5-13% when compared to other blowers. Slip is a measure of air that “slips” through the clearances from the outlet to the inlet and is the major cause of heat gain within the blower. With reduced slip comes lower operating temperatures, which reduces the need for exterior cooling ribs and allows the Kice PD Blower to have a perfectly smooth external geometry.
  • Oversized Shaft – The Kice PD blower comes with an oversized shaft that reduces the chance of shafts being broken or damaged from the over-tensioning of belts.
  • Oversized, Extra Bearings – Kice PD Blowers have an additional bearing on the outboard side of the drive shaft. The extra bearing reduces the overhung load felt by the drive shaft and the internal bearings. Internal bearings are oversized-like everything else on the blower. Expected bearing life is 50% – 100% higher than all other blowers.
  • Leak Proof Operation – With its unique oil seals, the Kice PD Blower is virtually leakproof and breathers are not required. It is not uncommon for oil to escape other blowers through their breathers. The state-of-the-art seals used with Kice PD Blowers eliminate oil leaks and keep everything contained inside the unit.
  • Unmatched Efficiency – Extensive testing shows that Kice PD Blowers run more efficiently and consume less energy than other blowers available. For detailed test results and statistics, please contact Kice Industries directly.
KICE, Industries