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The Air of Reliability is Clean, Fresh and Powerful.

A Wide Array of Services and Air Control Systems for All Your Industry Needs

At KICE Industries, our loyalty and dedication to clean and powerful air is demonstrated through the services we offer, which include custom metal fabrication, KICE automation, and process & layout services. KICE Industries is a leader in air system automation and design.

Custom Metal Fabrication

The major advantage of working with KICE Industries is that we can quite literally make anything you need, no matter how custom the specifications are. If you can think of it, we can make it a reality. We specialize in custom metal and industrial air system fabrication for numerous applications. It’s how KICE Industries has acquired the reputation of being the very best in custom air system design in the industry. 

KICE Industries offers full design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities. We use the very latest in custom metal fabrication, welding, and painting methods for all of our products and designs.

Kice Automation

By automating your processes, you can effectively minimize your overall costs, increase productivity, decrease labor costs, and optimize your operation. KICE automation puts you in a position to be competitive in the marketplace by streamlining your processes, and we’ve already seen success with that in the form of the largest flour mill and largest milling investment in America – both using KICE automation. However, these are just two of the many examples of KICE automation changing the way plants and businesses operate. Even if your current operations are in great shape, KICE can help you perfect them.

KICE can do any portion of the automation process – from power distribution to IT – and we can get it implemented on a quick turnaround time.

Process & Layout Services

KICE Industries specializes in industrial air system fabrication, design, and system automation. We’re experts in moving air in ways that few others know-how. It’s this expertise that has allowed us to work with some of the biggest companies in need of sensible process and layout designs. By working with KICE, you’ll get an experienced project manager that will oversee the installation of your custom air system with strict attention to detail. Our project managers ensure everything is kept on track and confirm all the components pass the quality control check.

KICE offers numerous layout services including schematic drawings (flow sheets), process flow drawings, motor, and device lists, bill of material drawings, and more. Your custom air system design or custom metal fabrication will be expertly drawn up and built to specs.

KICE, Industries