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DHL Supply Chain

Kice Project Management & Installation

From my perspective, the entire process went very smoothly.  The Kice Team did a great job picking up this project mid-stream and moving it forward to completion within the stated timeline.

Regarding the installation specifically, the crew worked very well together, and with your organization and planning, there seemed to be very little, if any wasted time or effort.  The field adjustments appeared to be minimal as well which helped the project to stay on track.

On the communication, I specifically like the way you were able to work directly with the on-site resources and personnel to get what you needed to keep things moving versus trying to funnel all communication through one or two DHL people.  You also did a great job keeping the key contacts updated on the status of the project.

I am very satisfied with the quality and timing of the installation.

-S. Barlow, DHL Supply Chain

KICE, Industries