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There’s Positive Energy in the Air.

Kice Central Vac systems have proven to be very reliable housekeeping tools. Utilizing a positive displacement pump to move air, the system is capable of providing users with adequate suction to maintain a safe and dust free environment. A positive displacement pump gives users a much more energy efficient means for moving air. Most systems are designed for two users on one main manifold at a time, with the option of running multiple manifolds.

Kice systems generally consist of the following components:

  • High Vacuum Filter/Receiver
  • Rotary Airlock Valve (installed under the filter/receiver discharge)
  • Vacuum Air Power Unit
  • Ducting runs ending in a Kice Snap Cap connection
  • Kice Vacuum Tool Set(s)
  • Electrical Control Panel Enclosure with push button start/stop

As always, Kice will work with you on any unique situations, designs and/or requirements that is needed for your operation.

Single Floor Centro-Vac Aspiration System

Multi-Level Centro-Vac Aspiration System

*Note* A dust collection system is not a Central-Vac system and a Central-Vac System is not a dust collector. Typically dust collection systems have larger air volumes and lower static pressure requirements (Inches of Water, i.e. w.c.) where Central-Vac systems have lower air volume requirements and much higher static pressure requirements (Inches of Mercury, i.e. HG).

KICE, Industries