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Kice Industries Industrial Air Systems, Automation & Engineering

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We specialize in three areas: Air Systems, Automation and Engineering. By employing high-talented, high-character people and equipping them with the latest tools, we provide customers with accurate and efficient process solutions that simplify the way they operate. Discover more about our areas of expertise.

Air Systems

Air Systems

We offer proven systems for dust collection, pneumatic conveying and particle separation systems. All major components of these systems are designed and built by us in Park City, Kansas.

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Our process control and automation systems help companies manufacture more efficiently, intelligently and reliably while reducing product variability.

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From upgrading existing equipment to building a new plant, Kice engineers take a flow-centered approach to designing industrial air systems, automation and controls.

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Over 75 years of experience

Kice Industries has focused squarely on perfecting bulk material handling systems for more than 75 years. Our dedicated team of engineers, fabricators and sales experts take great pride in serving customers through their industry-leading craft and expertise. So, we mean it when we say that you're in the best possible hands when you partner with Kice.

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We serve industries thatfuel every day

Virtually every flour mill in the U.S. has worked with Kice to increase efficiency and profits. We design and manufacture a complete line of products for pneumatic conveying systems, grain cleaning equipment, density separators, and dust collection systems for keep milling operations clean.

Many of the brands you see in your grocery store are companies we work with on a daily basis. Our industrial food processing equipment and pneumatic solutions not only meet the versatile needs of the food industry, but also satisfy the increasingly rigorous standards for food safety.

Kice's dehulling machines are considered the gold standard in the oil seed industry. In fact, plants have been using the Kice Multi-Aspirator® to remove hulls from cracked soybeans for well over 50 years. We offer one stop for conveying, cleaning and classifying a variety of oil seeds, including soybean, peanut, canola, cocoa, sunflower and cotton seeds.

For decades, we have helped biomass producers efficiently process large inventories of industrial waste, dry hardwood waste, energy crops and other dry bulk material. We can design negative air systems that ensure proper airflow and convey ground products away from hammermills. Our cooling air systems provide the negative air flow needed to properly cool pellets. And the Kice Multi-Aspirator® ensures pellets are free of fines ahead of loadout or packaging.

Kice air systems can move a large amount quickly. Compared to other air classifications systems, our Multi-Aspirator® consumes less air and removes more angel hairs, snake skins, streamers and fines. Dust is an issue for most facilities, and we are one of the world's top suppliers of dust control solutions. We also provide rail car unloading, storage delivery, grinder evacuation and production delivery.

You may be wondering if our systems will work for your product. Give us a chance to test a sample, and we'll return it for your inspection. Kice systems are designed for virtually any free-flowing commodity that you would consider for density separation: minerals, grains, cereals, spices, baby foods, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, chemicals, fertilizers and much more. Request a lab test.

Oil Seeds
Wood Pellets
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