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Our greatest asset is our people.

Our greatest asset isour people

Kice Industries has been family-owned since 1946. Over the years, our team has grown well beyond fathers and sons. Today it consists of over 300 people whose diverse talents, passions, experiences and backgrounds help drive our success. We are very fortunate to employ so many high-quality individuals, who operate under the guidance of a solid leadership team.

Meet our Leadership Team

Drew Kice
President and Chief Executive Officer

Steve Becker
Chief Financial Officer

Tim Kice
Vice President of Production

Syed Ashraf
Vice President of Automation

J. Tom Wright
Director of Engineering Services

Jeff Kice
Director of Capital Projects

Marshall Bird
Vice President of Sales

Andrew Best
Business Unit Director

Kurt Eck
President of CFM Corporation

Andy Thomas
Director of Production

Ben Kice
East Central Regional Manager

Alex Kice
International Sales Manager

Doyle Hamilton
Director of IT Business Applications

Mohammad Yahya
Director of Business Infrastructure IT

Where We Work


Our campus sits on 25 acres in Park City, about 15 miles north of Wichita, Kansas. This is where much of the internal action happens: management, engineering, drafting, sales, order processing, purchasing and accounting.


Our manufacturing facility houses 135,000 square feet, 40-foot ceilings and state-of-the-art assets for building and assembling air systems. We work round-the-clock to meet the needs of our customers.


CFM Corporation is the name of our foundry in Blackwell, Oklahoma. With over 57,000 square feet of workspace, CFM specializes in a wide variety of castings, including roller mill housings, extruder housings, air pump housings, rotary airlocks and more. Our foundry produces ductile iron castings up to 1,500 pounds and gray iron castings up to 3,000.

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