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Quality driven by Culture

Quality driven byculture

We define our company culture in many ways: It's how we collaborate and support one another. It's our belief in what we do, and the pride we feel when Kice solutions make lives easier. It's also the values that inspire us to always do our best work. Culture makes this more than a day job. Without it, we couldn't create the industry-leading products for which we are known around the world.

Values We Live By

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Whether we're on campus or in the field, we work safely by:

  • Continually training ourselves and our team.
  • Discussing safety at daily meetings and toolbox talks.
  • Looking out for each other.
  • Ensuring the safest possible work environment for the benefit of all employees.

Customer focus

We seek to exceed our customers' expectations by:

  • Keeping solutions simple and making their jobs easier.
  • Delivering quality products with a sense of urgency.
  • Working hard to earn the trust of stakeholders, including end-users, suppliers, shareholders, fellow employees and the community.


In all that we do, we'll do what's right by:

  • Speaking truthfully regardless of the situation.
  • Assuming ownership of our personal roles and responsibilities.
  • Supporting each other in the pursuit of business and personal goals.
  • Being aware of our strengths and weaknesses, and relentlessly improving them.

Continual improvement

We're passionate about what we do, and we'll always strive to do better by:

  • Embracing change when it's proven to be appropriate.
  • Developing new ideas based on thorough research and timely completion.
  • Serving as technical leaders in our field.
  • Diligently managing company resources.

Faith and family

We value faith and family by:

  • Supporting each other during times of personal struggle.
  • Celebrating with each other during times of success.
  • Keeping a proper perspective as we aggressively pursue corporate goals.
  • Seeking God's direction as we manage the resources he has entrusted to us.
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