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Kice air power units set the standard for moving dry bulk material. Now they’re setting a new one for quiet, compact performance. Introducing the CompQ, designed to reduce noise and save space. The CompQ replaces your existing APU and comes with our proven PD blowers.

Plan Your Upgrade

What's included in the package

CompQ enclosure
  • 20-decibel decrease in noise
  • Smaller equipment footprint
Kice PD series blowers
  • Reliability in extreme conditions
  • Heavy-duty and built to last

Coming Soon

Kice Automation built-in options

IFM 4-inch information display
  • Pressure
  • Pressure differential on intake filter
  • Blower temperature
  • Oil level monitoring
  • Oil temperature monitoring
  • Maintenance schedule and status
External oil level indicator
  • Conveniently located
  • No need to open the enclosure
  • Hassle-free equipment check
  • Time savings for operators

Easy on hearing

With the CompQ, you don’t have to invest in additional silencers or sound enclosures. Our quiet APU meets noise-control standards and does not require a dedicated blower room. It’s simply designed for a safer, healthier operational environment.

Small but mighty

The CompQ is smaller than our previous APU, freeing up more manufacturing space. While compact, it delivers the long-lasting durability you’ve come to expect from Kice Air Systems.

Ready to be blown away?

The CompQ replacement blower package is available to order. Start the process by allowing a Kice sales representative to get in touch.

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