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How the Multi-Aspirator® can help improve your product’s quality

How the Multi-Aspirator® can help improve your product’s quality

Here at Kice Industries, we do business with several companies spanning several different industries. Regardless of whether they work in food, chemicals, plastics, or other commodities, most of these companies that process products all have one common problem: they need to isolate the high-quality product so that it can be packaged, distributed, and put on shelves for the consumer. In order to do that, the low-quality product has to be removed in a way that’s easy and efficient. This is exactly where Kice Multi-Aspirators come into play.


To put it simply, a multi-aspirator is a device that separates materials based upon their size, density, and shape. The multi-aspirator uses no moving parts. Instead, it uses precision airflow to push fines and unwanted particles upward while allowing the desired materials to fall downward for collection.

For instance, a piece of cereal has a certain weight and terminal velocity. The multi-aspirator would be calibrated to create airflow that will lift particles lighter in weight than a piece of cereal (dust and fines) but not so much that the product isn’t allowed to fall and be collected. If the air velocity being created reaches the terminal velocity of the cereal, the product will neither fall nor rise, giving a floating effect.


Its multi-aspirator can be used for pelletized materials, wood/sawdust, plastics, fertilizers, chemicals, minerals, dehydrated food, spices, baby food, nuts/seeds, cereal, and grains. The fact that a multi-aspirator can handle so many different types of materials makes it one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in several industries.

It’s also one of the most efficient pieces of equipment. Kice multi-aspirators use a proprietary technology that exposes the product stream to airflow six different times. The end result achieves a standard of quality that none of our competitors are able to match. With the Kice multi-aspirator, you can rest assured knowing that only the very best of your product is being collected for distribution. The zig-zag pattern of the multi-aspirator forces the product to pass over the pick-up points over and over again, which ensures only the desired product makes it to the bottom.

Another big benefit to the multi-aspirator that our customers love is that it has no moving parts, which means it’s far less susceptible to breaking, malfunctioning, or requiring maintenance. Compared to other sorting and classifying machinery, the Kice multi-aspirator is one of the easiest pieces of equipment to maintain. Most customers are able to “set it and forget it” once the airflow is properly calibrated to the material/product in question.


This is a question that many customers ask. Although screening certainly has its uses, it simply doesn’t compare when you factor in all the advantages that you get by going with a multi-aspirator.

First of all, a multi-aspirator is less expensive and takes up far less floor space. As we previously mentioned, the multi-aspirator requires far less maintenance because it uses no moving parts (another cost savings). Since the multi-aspirator is a “set it and forget it” piece of equipment, this means it requires far less operator attention.

The multi-aspirators cut point is able to be changed quickly and easily, and it doesn’t require shutting the system down. It separates by size, shape, and density (terminal velocity), not just size alone. This gives you more control over your operation, especially if you’re working with several different materials. Finally, the air that the multi-aspirator uses can be recycled.


If you’re interested in making the Kice multi-aspirator part of your operation, the first step is to get in contact with us so that we can analyze your product. Kice has its own independent lab where we can test a variety of products with our multi-aspirators to determine if our solution is the right fit. As previously mentioned, multi-aspirators are used for a wide variety of products already, so there’s a high likelihood we can be of assistance.

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