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CompQ Title Image

The CompQ replaces your existing air power unit and comes with our proven PD blowers. With the same power and efficiency customers expect from Kice APUs, the CompQ offers a 20-decibel decrease in noise and a smaller equipment footprint. Save space and reduce your production facility’s noise levels.



Kice air power units are suited for a wide range of applications such as positive and negative pressure conveying systems, fluidization systems, vacuum sweeper systems, filter systems, and many other unique applications. Our engineers have leading experience in properly applying air power units.


We are currently working to expand the CompQ series. Stay tuned for updates and product launches.

Standard features

  • CompQ enclosure engineered for quieter, safer operational environments
  • Compact, custom design to meet any facility’s needs
  • Sanitary, heavy-duty frames built for endurance
  • Proven PD blower performance in extreme conditions
  • Fully assembled and ready to operate

Optional features

IFM 4-inch information display

  • Pressure
  • Pressure differential on intake filter
  • Blower temperature
  • Oil level monitoring
  • Oil temperature monitoring
  • Maintenance schedule and status

External oil level indicator

  • Conveniently located
  • No need to open the enclosure
  • Hassle-free equipment check
  • Time savings for operators