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Kice Short-Flow Mill®

Kice Short-Flow Mill®

The Kice Short-Flow Mill® (KSU Mill) was developed by Steve Curran, a milling professor in the Department of Grain Science at Kansas State University. The milling flow was patented by KSU (Patent #5,192,028) in 1992. Kice Industries provided technical, engineering and manufacturing support during the development period and is now licensed by the university as the sole manufacturer and distributor of the KSU Mill. The first KSU Mill was commissioned in 1992 in California. Since that time, Kice has installed and commissioned over 30 KSU Mills worldwide.

Kice Short-Flow Mill®


The KSU mill is designed for processing hard, soft and durum wheat varieties into white flours with high extractions and quality finished products. Typically, the mills are completely preassembled at Kice prior to shipment. The modular concept allows the mills to be installed on-site in simple, inexpensive buildings such as steel warehouses. Every project is different. The KSU Mill adapts easily and effortlessly. Every time.

Why a preassembled mill?

  • Lower building costs
  • Lower capital investment
  • Lower power consumption
  • Lower operating costs
  • Easier to expand capacity

Standard features

  • KSU 1000 Mills come standard with a Kice Automation control package using an Allen Bradley control systems. Because every mill has unique electrical requirements, we can supply electrical control packages to meet different needs.
  • All units include capabilities for remote service. The mills can be operated in manual mode with HOA switches located at the control panel.
  • Off-the-shelf electrical components ensure the availability of spare parts at a reasonable price.
  • KSU Mills feature heavy-duty equipment for pneumatic conveying, dust control and bran finishing systems — all designed by Kice.