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Vane Feeders

Vane Feeders

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Vane Feeders


Kice rotary vane feeders are used to meter product out of storage tanks or into equipment such as the Multi-Aspirator®. Sometimes called blend vane feeders, these units provide a constant volumetric rate of feed. Kice rotary vane feeders are built with heavy-duty, mild steel that provides years of reliable service. Kice rotary vane feeders offer two different styles of rotary vane feeders: the FR series, which is a straight-through unit; and the FRO series, which is an offset and performs better to stop the flow of material.


FR6-X 6” diameter rotor
FR10-X 10” diameter rotor

Standard features

  • Shafts are oversized for durability.
  • Ball bearings have flanges with seals to keep product from leaking around the shaft.
  • Standard construction material is heavy-duty mild steel. Stainless steel is available upon request.