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One stop, 100% Process

One stop,100% Process

Kice is one of the few process engineering companies with the experience and capability to handle every aspect of your project. After more than 75 years of working in thousands of processing plants in different industries, we know how to design, bid and build bulk material handling systems on any scale. Our job is to make your job easier. And our practical approach to engineering saves both time and money.

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We have a system for your success.


Engineered solutions are complex. We begin every project by creating a flow sheet that depicts the step-by-step process required to achieve your production goals.

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The flow sheet is the heart of any Kice Engineering project. It is a map of how your process will run, including the connections between equipment and systems. Establishing design goals early on helps us pave the way to a successful result. We know who builds reliable equipment, which technology makes sense and how to make your process efficient.


We specialize in developing custom-engineered equipment and systems for challenging spaces, whether you're upgrading an existing facility or building a new one.

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Kice engineers visit your project site to gather dimensions, understand constraints and listen to feedback from operators. We use 3D technology to create accurate depictions of future workspaces. Then we create estimates that balance operational efficiency with cost. After decades of creating solutions for processing plants, we've seen it all. And we leverage our experience to serve you.


Projects often require multiple engineering functions. We offer a single source for expertise across the board, including mechanical engineering, civil engineering and structural engineering.

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In addition to our in-house engineering experts, we maintain relationships with top engineers across the country. Every project is unique, so it makes sense to partner with people who are best equipped for the job. Their support helps us keep work on track and account for every detail. It's all part of our practical approach to engineering.

Project Management

We offer an experienced hand to guide your project toward a successful outcome. With the support of Kice engineers, work happens on schedule and within budget.

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Our project management services can vary depending on your needs. Although we specialize in coordinating suppliers, we also provide on-site engineering assistance, personnel training and plant commissioning. Project managers can handle every stage of the project, including critical areas that are prone to delays.


You want the best for your project. So do we. We can assist you in procuring the most reliable and most qualified construction partners.

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If you ask us to supply construction and installation, we will hire partners whom we trust to meet our standards of quality and exceed your expectations. If you prefer to contract the work directly, we are happy to provide on-site assistance during the building and installation process.

Turnkey Services

Our scope of supply includes power distribution, control engineering, drafting services, control panel fabrication, installation and even training.

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Whether you require some of these services or all of them, Kice engineers work closely with you to determine the best combination of solutions for your unique project. We are also equipped to be your turnkey engineering team, providing everything from process design to plant startup.

Let's engineer your success.

Our experience is your greatest asset in overcoming engineering challenges.

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