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Air pad bin bottoms

Air pad bin bottoms

When a product is fine and has a small particle size, it is possible to inject air into the product so it takes on a fluid-like state. This makes the process of unloading tons of product fast and efficient. Kice air pad bin bottoms are installed on storage tanks and help the material flow during the unloading process. Fluidized bin bottoms have no moving parts.

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Air pad bin bottoms are typically installed on the hoppers of bins that are suspended above a truck or rail-loading area. A Kice air power unit is used to provide fluidization air. Once the product is fluidized, the outlet is opened and the product is flood-loaded into the truck or rail vessel. A 50,000-pound load of product can be emptied in roughly 3-5 minutes. These units are not suited for every product, so please contact Kice for information on your specific product.

Standard features

  • Standard construction material is mild steel. Stainless steel is available.
  • 4-ply polyester membrane allows air to be dispersed evenly through the product.
  • Interior surfaces include epoxy-coated mild steel with stainless steel hold-downs for the polyester membrane.
  • Discharge transitions can mate with a variety of control valves including butterfly valves and slide gates.
  • Access doors allow for visual inspection of the fluidizing air chambers.