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R and VR Series round filters

R and VR Series round filters for PneuJet and VenturiJet systems

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R and VR Series round filters


Kice offers round filters with either PneuJet or VenturiJet cleaning systems for air volumes up to 12,000 CFM.


R Series: PneuJet round filters

Our medium-pressure PneuJet cleaning system uses no venturis, but instead discharges the full volume of cleaning air directly into the bags. Since the PneuJet method does not depend on venturi induction of additional air volume, it delivers equal bag-cleaning impact with much less air pressure (10-12 PSIG). The PneuJet system can operate from a Kice air power unit (blower package), eliminating the need to use high-pressure plant air. This also eliminates the potential for oil and water contaminating the inside of filter bags.

VR Series: VenturiJet round filters

While we believe the medium-pressure PneuJet system is the most effective means of providing continuous bag cleaning, the Kice VenturiJet system remains a practical solution as well. Using high-pressure plant air (80-100 PSIG), venturis induce additional air into the air stream that is cleaning the socks. Coupled with our attention to proper bag spacing, Kice VenturiJet filters can operate just as efficiently as most other medium-pressure filters.

Custom features

  • Cyclonic inlets are used on round filters that are filtering air streams with a large amount of product. The cyclonic action that occurs inside the filter directs dust into the hopper and out of the filter.
  • Kice electric control boards provide skip sequential cleaning of bags. Boards are mounted in NEMA-rated enclosures. All preassembled Kice filters are wired completely prior to shipment.
  • Rated explosion panels are available whenever the application requires them. The number of panels are determined by the specific product and the size of the filter. Vent ducts are also available for venting through exterior walls.
  • Top bag removal is optional. Two methods of access are available. The first is with a removable lid and an access platform around the top of the filter. The second method is a walk-in clean-air chamber.
  • Access doors, access platforms and porthole sight glasses provide entry points and facilitate observation.
  • Weather enclosures help protect equipment from outdoor elements.
  • Other custom features include filter media and level indicators.