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Kice / Sangati Berga

Allied for your
operational advantage

We are proud to partner with Sangati Berga, one of the leading providers of milling technology in the agricultural industry. Since 2018, Kice and Sangati Berga have been outfitting modern-day millers with cutting-edge machinery that maximizes operational efficiency, process control and production quality. Together our brands have more than 100 years of combined experience in the milling industry.


ALL-IN-ONEmill manufacturer

In partnership with Sangati Berga, we can offer you the complete package for all your processing plant needs. Sangati Berga's proven milling and grain cleaning equipment is backed by our own solutions, which include pneumatic conveying, dust collection, automation and control systems. All tailor-made for your business.



Product arrows

Operation analysis and planning

  • Mill consulting services
  • Process flow and P&ID development
  • Stream analysis, ash curve, and weigh-offs
  • Flow change recommendations
  • Operations planning
  • Mill troubleshooting

Equipment optimization and evaluation

  • Pneumatic lift system evaluation
  • Complete milling unit audit
  • Dust system audits
  • Elevator
  • Mill
  • Flour storage or transfer

Training and support

  • Miller training
  • Startup assistance
  • Equipment recommendations

Project management and planning

  • Project identification and capital planning
  • Phased project planning

Advanced services

  • Facility scanning using 3D imaging
  • Step-by-step roadmap to efficiency and yield improvements

Sangati Berga equipment.

About Sangati Berga

Founded in 1992, Sangati Berga manufactures a full range of equipment for grain milling and mixing plants that serve the food and animal feed industries. Sangati Berga is based in Brazil and certified by the International Organization for Standardization. Known as ISO 9001:2008, this accreditation guarantees that Sangati Berga will meet your milling equipment needs and expectations of quality.

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