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CR Series filters

CR Series filters

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Sometimes called big round filters, the Kice CR Series filters are designed to handle large volumes of air up to roughly 50,000 CFM, depending on the application. CR filters have self-contained cleaning systems that use a high-static fan to directly backflush air through a cleaning manifold, which continuously turns over the tops of the filter bags. Kice engineers developed the CR filter with the help of industry experts who have worked with many different types of big round filters. All CR filters have a walk-in clean-air chamber and structural support frames that permit outdoor installation without the need for guy wires.

Custom features

  • Rated explosion panels are available whenever the application requires them. The number of panels are determined by the specific product and the size of the filter. Vent ducts are also available for venting through exterior walls.
  • Top bag removal comes standard on CR filters. Two methods of access are available. The first is with a removable lid and an access platform around the top of the filter. The second method is a walk-in clean-air chamber.
  • Access doors, access platforms and porthole sight glasses provide entry points and facilitate observation.
  • Other custom features include filter media and level indicators.