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VB and VBOT Series

VB and VBOT Series

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VB and VBOT Series


The VB Series is built for applications that require special considerations, such as design characteristics or the type of material processed. Kice VB airlocks have the same dimensions as VJ airlocks, but they are manufactured with heavy-duty carbon steel or stainless steel.

Custom features

  • Trailing edges relieved (TER) is a process that machines the back side of the rotor tips and sides to a 45-degree angle, reducing the surface area of the tip and lessening the chance of an airlock binding when handling sticky products.
  • Inlet plows are standard on Kice cast-iron valves. This creates a scissor action as each rotor blade enters the housing, reducing the likelihood that a piece of product will bind an airlock in the nip point.
  • Kice rotors on all valves are cast duct iron and precision-machined to match each valve body for efficient performance and long life. Rotors have open ends and are full depth. Eight blades come standard.
  • Bolt-on rotor tips are available in an assortment of different materials depending on the material being handled. AR steel tips can be used for abrasive material. Flexible urethane tips can be used for fibrous materials that may choke a valve.
  • Special clearances between the rotor blades and the housing are engineered for specific temperature and product concerns.
  • Square and round inlets and outlets are available on most Kice airlock models.
  • Shallow-depth rotors are available for precision flow control.
  • Coating and plating such as hard chrome, nickel and Nedox can be applied to machined surfaces inside Kice airlocks to meet special product requirements.
  • Bolt-on pans are used with drop-through style airlocks that feed pneumatic conveying lines.
  • Air purge seals are available on outboard-bearing airlocks to help keep product away from bearings.
  • Kice surge hoppers are used on the inlets of airlocks that feed pneumatic conveying lines. They provide a clear path for airlock bypass air to leave the product stream relatively slowly without carrying product with it. Surge hoppers are available as round or square units depending on the application.
  • Tamar shaft-sealing technology provides zero-leakage protection and easy sealant change-out while equipment is running. With no fragile faces, springs or breakable components in the seal cartridge, Tamar seals come with reduced maintenance requirements and an extended service life.
  • Inlet shunts are used to keep product out of the nip point, the area where the rotor enters the housing.
  • Chain-driven or direct drive options are available.
  • Materials of construction include cast iron, fabricated steel or stainless steel.

Condensed airlock specifications

Size (in) CFR Weight (lb)
Inboard Model Outboard Model
6x6x6 0.07 100 120
8x6x6 0.16 145 175
10x6x6 0.27 160 200
10x8x8 0.33 180 230
12x8x8 0.55 280 340
14x10x10 0.67 340 440
16x12x12 1.1 435 550
18x12x12 1.45 470 580
18x14x14 1.67 490 670
20x12x12 1.9 550 850
20x15x15 2.3 600 900
24x15x15 3.2 900 1,050
30x24x24 7.32 1,500 2,920